Automotive Component Powder Coating

Powder Coating Wheels

Our powder coating is long-lasting, durable, and resistant to scratching and corrosion.

One of our most popular services is powder coating wheels for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. However, our automotive component solutions don’t just stop at powder coating wheels, we can also powder coat many more components such as motorbike wheels, frames, swing arms, handlebars, panels, chassis and frames, springs and sway bars, shock and strut bodies, roll bars and roll cages, oil pans, brackets and bicycle frames.

We deal with customers within the automotive industry, company vehicles and also domestic customers, too. We have experience with: 

  • Bike frame powder coating
  • Motorbike powder coating
  • Transforming cars and car components
  • Updating vans and van components
  • Refreshing lorries and lorry components

Paint or powder coat wheels?


For updating your wheels, alloys and other automotive components, we recommend powder coating as the best option. Powder coating is a finishing method that adds a premium look and smooth effect to various surfaces. Unlike painting, coating with powder does not require any solvents.

Instead, the method requires the use of an electrostatic spray gun, which applies a powder containing pigments and resins. We supply an extensive range of alloy wheel powder coating colours to choose from, so you can have your vehicle looking how you want it, keeping your colours on brand if your vehicle is used for business-related purposes, or adding a unique edge if your vehicle is for personal use.

Engine parts such as camshaft covers, air filter covers, pipework, engine blocks and casings, can all be powder coated in any colour you require.  Whether you are looking to make your engine bay more attractive or wanting to repair a corroded component without having to replace it, then we can help.

How does powder coating work?

Step 1 – Look for any damage

On arrival tyres, weights and valves are carefully removed.  Tyres and wheels are carefully inspected for damage and wear. 

Step 2 – Preparing the surface

The component is professionally cleaned prior to the chemical removal of all existing coatings.  Damage is assessed and where possible carefully removed with precise dressing and surface preparation methods.

The component is then treated with shot-blasting, using stainless steel grit to remove any white corrosion or other surface contamination. 

Step 3 – Priming

Prior to priming, the component is pre-heated to 210°C. Powder primer is applied to ensure excellent physical, mechanical and aesthetic properties for increased longevity of the wheel. The primer is then cured in a high-temperature oven.

Stage 4 – Applying Base Coat and Lacquer

The base coat colour is manually applied, followed by an acrylic lacquer, leaving a glass-like finish.

powder coating alloys

“I have found Glenn and his team to be efficient and reliable. No job is too small, and we have never had any issues with our automotive parts. We have had a selection of different colours and finished and found them all to be consistent and they provide a faultless finish.”
Robin – Hall Engineering And Design Ltd