Powder Coating for Sport & Leisure Equipment

With the transformative use of powder coating, we can help improve and refresh the brand identity of gyms, health clubs and leisure facilities so that they are truly memorable and stand out from the crowd.

We offer a range of finishes from high gloss, matt, metallic and textured finishes and in hundreds of colours.

Powder coating for gym equipment

We have worked with multiple gyms over the years, offering premium aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel and cast iron powder coating services for the gym, sport and leisure industry. We can powder coat racks, rigs, goal posts and sports equipment with a quality, durable finish.

Powder coating provides an aesthetic, high quality, long lasting durable finish. Powder coating leaves a clean durable finish and has excellent colour integrity over time.

Powder coating for go-karting and racing equipment

Due to the quality and durability powder coating provides, we have powder coated multiple go-karting chassis and roll cages. Our finished product is resistant to flaking, scratching and corrosion.

Benefits of powder coating

Environmentally friendly
One of the key advantages powder coating has over other finishes is how safe it is for the environment and for the people who work with it. Powder costing technology doesn’t generate harmful solvents or airborne pollutants.

A scratch-resistant material is ideal for gym and sports equipment which is used for long periods of time by many people and prone to scuffs, scratches and chips. Powder coating is scratch resistant, meaning the equipment will look newer for longer

Wipe clean finish
Hygiene is particularly important when it comes to gym equipment because it is handled by so many people. Good gym equipment needs to be easy to clean and wipe down. Powder coating leaves a finish that is easily and effectively cleaned.

I have been working with Glenn and his team for a few years now. They have always been easy to deal with, personable and give my gym equipment a flawless finish. I highly recommend them!
Tom – Omnia TBC